3D Virtual Simulator for Urology (Hu-Mo Simulator)

Basic description : Urology 3D virtual simulator

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3D Medical VR/AR is the world’s first fully-featured virtual reality AR/VR Contents. It is an immersive self-discovery experience into the human body.
3D Medical VR/AR is created for curious minds, medical and allied-health students, healthcare professionals, patients, and educators.


  • Decrease the cost with using virtual based 3D models for surgical implementation and simulation, learning anatomy in medical fields specifically on urology, no more expensive machines and simulators

  • Using simulation technology for better understanding 3D surgical anatomy 

  • Creating 3D medical simulator for virtual training (in laparoscopic/endoscopic)

  • Virtual training curriculum on medical models will be one of the target at the end of the Project

  • Medical 3D virtual reality technique is easily applicable to other clinic area.

  • The main advantage of  3D simulator, unlike in-vivo training, the entire procedure is completed in a risk-free environment without space-time constraints.


Methodology:  Medical 3D simulation technology has resulted in exciting new solutions and possibilities of medical diagnosis and practice. The first step in developing a Medical 3D simulation is to reconstruct a DICOM file standardized with medical images from software package MIMICS, and to extract appropriate anatomical 3D model information such as STL. The second step to create a realistic human model is customizing the STL data with 3DS MAX and Z-Brush 3D model editing tool and texturing process using Photoshop to express realistic anatomical texture. The third step to visualization in virtual reality, a refined human 3D data is put into a virtual reality engine such as Unity 3D, and the simulator is completed through customization process like as program coding and interface device interlocking process.


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